Luxury suites

The chart below shows the average high and low prices for luxury suites within a league along with the average quantity.

Not every team in a league earns suite revenue. Some venues do not have suites while others share their stadiums with other teams that have the right to lease suites. Likewise minor league teams may share a venue with a major league team in another sport.

Because the major league team plays at the venue, averages for the minor league team will be driven up. It's also likely the minor league team gets no suite revenue. The chart below reflects the venues at which the league plays and not necessarily revenues earned by its teams. A team by team analysis can be found in the RSVdatabase.




Qty Low High
Major League Baseball 68 $128,280 $251,440
National Football League 140 $66,677 $214,322
National Basketball Association 89 $138,846 $330,158
National Hockey League 93 $130,300 $300,566